by Josiah Picasoul

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released October 25, 2015

Company: The Collective LLSMG
Artist: Josiah Picasoul
Prod. E.n.o.n Jacobs
Mixed: E.n.o.n Jacobs, Josiah Picasoul
Mastered: E.n.o.n Jacobs



all rights reserved


Josiah Picasoul Bay Point, California

"I want to be known as an Artist without borders, I want my songs to be produced for longevity not for a Season" - Josiah Picasoul

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Track Name: TheOP (Intro)

Beloved by God
A leader, Misguided, seduced by alcoholism, the natural physicality’s of a women
and cheap labor controlled by man.

A Friend of God
A King treated peasant alongside comrades involved in a war of race expulsion. Black man,
Society built. Taught to believe that pain and suffering is the means to becoming a man. Rigor.

A Loving God.
Even after Trial and error , events have no chance of being prevented, but to be reduced by these events will make you weak....

Theophilus, Josiah Picasoul
Track Name: Joy
ugh, joy can be what i can think about (higher)
posers acting Rapping Trannys misses doubt (fire) ,
I a-pologize n!gg@s think they gotta shine
earth to yo wind blow putting out your fire rhymes
(Syke ya mind), Flip a bar ,one toe soccer time
(Ugh) From the bleachers bitches screaming like em soccer moms
ugh, Dick longer then a heated cenitmeter Stick
Deep up in her stomach like a fetus Kick , Ugh
Need a splif? (spark one) , Contact ya seeing shit
Spirits talking niggas think they special with a 6th sense
Im in the crowd while everybody tryna soul sing
Im the chose king, Dope Jo can Flow swing wrote these,
(BAARRSS) Harder then My D!ck in the Mornings
Hoes clinging to my clothes Stand out like a nose ring (look at me!)
Ugh, listen to the Voice of reason
N!gg@s Biten down but I’m to Brick for ya to sink ya teeth in
One Time for the Cocksucking None Achieving
Every bodies talking better walk about it Be it
Cant Walk a mile deep into his shoes without a beating
Streets Talking often, offing n!gg@s out in Enid
Ugh, Grown man shit the programs split,
Like Agents in the matrix watch the program shift
Whole Camp Click can get fucked so damn Quick
stomachs hanging out ya ass till ya Soul can’t shit

Track Name: Influence
Aye, I done been through it all I done seen a nigga yelling on the side street
Put his body on the fence blind fold him butt naked in them high beams
Gas cans lined up niggas shouting out "*Gang* bitch try me!"
Ski mask all black winter coats black gloves and some Nikes
Crack the bottle of liquor feel in the impact bust Smack concrete
Took a sip of the henney niggas be acting all Hulk Smash Concrete
Don’t be looking at me nigga we can end this right now fuck the bull shit (Calm the fuck down man)
Naw nigga im sick of fucking waiting i aint playing quick to pull shit
Im a young ass nigga jumped in the gang since 13
15 i was running dime bags selling Gas to the Dope fiends
18 pushing weight run in houses with the mask sold rollies
20 year old peer pressure on a nigga from the Homies

buck, buck, buck, shots, on a nigga
re, load, gun, cocked, on a trigger
and the devil sings , (Run yo block, Go head youngen do your thing)
i can hear em go, (Take that shot, go head youngen do your thing)

Before I beat a nigga ass or before he smash me
Spaz on the nigga let him know that Shit aint That sweet
Tired of Being broke, Standing by the Corner Store Niggas
breaking in the windows in the Cars and in yo Home, I Was
Ten Years old my brother had the pistol in the Drawer, Playing
cops and robbers Knocked against the fence until it (*BOW*)
Thought my wrist was broke, Knocked me on my ass it made me Choke, OG
Told me Fool you Cant be with them shooters till your Grown
But Now I’m on and what, (Ugh) Popping? Young Stupid fuck
But Old enough to catch a body dropping, My Crew no Klux
My Clan is bold enough to Bat and Rob them, Gotham City
See we bout that shit young Niggas Riding
Track Name: Stimu LA
Sawed off shot gun Hand on the pump,
(Sippen on the Henney, Smoking on a blunt)
bump my shit watch the whole whip Jump Yup!
(Bump my shit watch the whole whip jump)
roll me up a sticky hit the blunt, squeal eyes
fold him up my throat is feeling itchy like I will Die
3rd eyes open tryna focus on the wheel drive
burn eyes (I - I can’t see!) but I feel alive
pass dat bitch in heavy rotation (Tation)
My Bitch talking like she irritated
Break it open, spread it in the shell go ahead and Lace it
Roll it up, LICK IT TILL IT SWELL go ahead and taste it
*my niggas throwing in a 20 Three loud packs
driving with some bitches got the blunt we about that
headed to the function got the Grams in the brown bag
we aint selling man we smoking up the pound bag
Swerve, Nigga, Shit,, Slowing up
Visions going black in the whip , Hol Up!
Bright lights flashing through the rear view! (Post Up!)
Rewind the whole night for a Clear View,

Dis dat ignorant Shit dat my niggas get wit
(Ignorant shit dat my niggas get with)
Dis dat ignorant Shit dat my niggas get wit
(Ignorant shit dat my niggas get with)

uuugghhh dat stimuLA- La La LA LA!
(Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump)
StimuLA- La La LA LA
(Sippen on the Henney, Smoking on a blunt)

Sawed off shot gun Hand on the pump,
(Sippen on the Henney, Smoking on a blunt)
bump my shit watch the whole whip Jump Yup!
(Bump my shit watch the whole whip jump)
IIiiim a youngen with no felony to trip But I will ride
Youngness steady ready with the clip in the still I
know my niggas ready with the shit in the Still night
Niggas from the frontline ready and they will Die
See the cops stopping up behind
Dey ont even think when they drop a young body, All my niggas young
We aint playing when the Henneys in the blood we just run with it Fuck if they try me
I’m probably a menace to society, I’m Rowdy, Wildin
Slap a nig front of his Dime Piece
bet she start eyeing me, aggression
Rather leave with me and get fucked in ya bed sheets quietly *Ugh!
Swerve, Nigga, Shit,, Slowing up
Visions going black in the whip , Hol Up!
Bright lights flashing through the rear view! (Post Up!)
Rewind the whole night for a Clear View,

Dis dat ignorant Shit dat my niggas get wit
(Ignorant shit dat my niggas get with)
Dis dat ignorant Shit dat my niggas get wit
(Ignorant shit dat my niggas get with)

uuugghhh dat stimuLA- La La LA LA!
(Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump)
StimuLA- La La LA LA
(Sippen on the Henney, Smoking on a blunt)
Track Name: MisGuided
Welcome to my city where the Heaters bang
Broke in Car doors tearing out the speakers main
Role models from a bottle yea we Drinking pain
Free My Brothers from another please release em main
Tired of looking over shoulders where police men Hang
Tryna book us young brothers off the street to Gain
or meet a quota for the month they hunt my people main
Gun em down rather young or old no peace to claim
yelling in Dark rooms hoping they can hear me main
feel my pain , just a youngen running with a crowd to lead it main
Forgive me Father solved my problems with this weed to Blaze
For each is own i peep the crome and hold the heat to brain
We Fed Cowards Bull shit to speak and Beat the case
Plead the Power of the 5th when Guilty, weak
Led showers in the hour on my knees i Pray
Forgiveness lives within me, and if you feel me say

Im so misGuided, So MisGuided
Try to meet demands To Grabbing Knowledge
Read a book or two a Day and Graduate from College
Its what i told my momma, I promise (but If I Cant just know!)
Ima Put a smile on your face ima put a smile on your face! yea Cuz I know
Life is full of Pleasure and Pain, U Can’t protect me now any way Cuz I Know

yea... I know, Every boy becomes a Man One Day And I Know..
yea... I Know,

Imagine how they feel about us brothers tryna make a difference main
Standing on the corner waiting on the bus to get us,
Police Ride by thinking that were dealers
Momma racial profilen is alive within em
Were The first to lose a job and the last to get one, main
I work a 9-5 to be brought to minutes, Main
Pay us shorter then the rate amount they spin us,
And were suppose to just deal with the time they give us, main
Holler if you hear me main, Feel my pain
was once a youngen running from his issues main
Since a baby ropes were tied around to lynch us main, yea
Keep pulling till we croak our throats are bending main
Im sick of working for a profit I’m not getting main
Im just patient for the moment on my knees i Pray
Dear Lord, Give me the strength provided
for surviving as a man with proper Guidance, in Jesus Name
Track Name: Alqi ft. Will, Nique
Aye, I drink to much, problems of a 20 suntan
Dumping liqour to the toilet when I’m finished Ugh
I see this pretty brown skin bout 21
Short hair fat booty small waist and into fucking
Feeling good bout to blow the pif with the man
couple Dimes tryna smoke yea they with the plan
And i don’t even chief but tonight I’m with the Clan homies
Spent 80 for four Dimes and a couple Grams
Sitting back up in this love seat,
Staring at the swoot cross the room Im tryna Fuck *Yurp!
been plotting for a minute feel the liquor come to me
She been watching ever since I walked in with the bubbly
Dat shit crazy man bitches aint shit
Maybe I’m just acting cuz me and my ex split, maybe a little
Action should happen this next bitch
is over here asking “Let me smoke yo wet split"
Ima still let her though
I won’t even sweat it bro
Im just tryna fuck with no smithy ill let her choke
not even thinking clear im Really tryna fuck her throat
soaking up my dick until i bust a load
She Throwing up all in the bathroom fuck it yo
Bitch bend over the Counter like a fucking hoe
Im rock hard with my cock all up in her though
pussy wetter then I thought she a fucking pro
(She asked for iittt fasssssttt fforwaarddd)
She met me at the telly
with a box of condoms hand cuffs belt around her belly
bully pussy beating got my hands cuffed around her neck
oo she likes it rough fuck her like i hate her during sex
***and I’ma beast up in that Gata got this bitch up in my Casa
eating Pasta with some red wine dining with some lobster
Cant get enough nutting every time she get to slobbing
on my nob and I’m a monster pull her hair up off her noggin
an imposters in my sheets, bitch living 5 lives
with the 5 guys she’s fucking on the sidelines
a side bitch thinking she a main line, using up the same lines
"Ima Ride or die baby i can take care of mine”

Falling in Love aint even enough Im here to get Drunk until i feel numb
Baby come and fuck me till the sun drops and never comes up
Adolecent running from falling in love

Ugh I hope the clouds don’t break,
Sun don’t shine sun don’t shine
I pray that it rains,
If it does i hope the pain fades away let it all wash away

(I hope the pain fade away)
(I hope the pain fade away)
Crown Royal
(I hope the pain fades away)
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Jim Bean
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Johnnie Walker
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Black Nikka
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Pray that it rains let it all wash away

(I hope the pain fade away)
(I hope the pain fade away)
Scooby Snack
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Dead Nazi
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Jager Bomb
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Jello Shot
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Grass Hopper Shot
(I Hope the pain fade away)
Pray that it rains Let it all wash away
Track Name: Klondike
Bussing in em walls girl give me choco choco
Calling out the shots call me Castopo
(Its a Go Go!) No cup i pee in drugs in my Vitals (Dats A NO NO)
Yo love so indie Cinco De Mayo

Ugh, Couple Stacks for the Road
No time for these thotties they Digging for Gold
Pretending to yell all the words to my song like She wrote it for Jo
Jo? She calling me Jo, I’m loving it
Pants on my knees see my conda she rubbing it
F*$ a b!*$ please give me women,
Suck her T*t she give me Lemons,
Pucker up Pucker up,
Mans steady Jealous its taking me not much to F#%k em up
Its nothing to Knuckle up
Squad in the back, left and my right and in front of us
F$%K EM!! (GIRL GIGGLE) Yea i think she like that (like that)
Girl let me bite that (bite that )
got her wearing my hat camera shot N!gG@$ like Jo where you find that
Videos of dat @$$ Shake
Give me mo for a back brace
50 more till da stack break all over the floor get against the wall mama keep ya back straight
Nahh I’m just talking sh%t, ya know what thats like,
Spending my nights like its prom night feedle position in bed with a Klondike,
Depression Stage, Girl give me chocolate
Pressed for rage, no need to stop it NAH
Stop it stop it, Bussing in em walls girl give me choco choco
Calling out the shots call me Castopo
(Its a Go Go!) No cup i pee in drugs in my Vitals (Dats A NO NO)
Yo love so indie Cinco De Mayo
Ah! What you do for a KlonDYKE?
Mint fresh in her mouth swhat I like
What you do for a klondyke?
Ima bomb might even explode when the times right
Track Name: #Fresh
Gotta Keep it so fresh yes gotta fresh step
Gotta Check list bad Bitch rubbing on my chest (yes)
Bitch I’m the man yea Wanna dance? (Yea)
Betta make that Ass Drop Now Shake it for a band
Spending money like its nothing, (Yeup!)
Blow a Band for the contest
Spending Huneds like its nothing (Yeup!)
Show of Hands who want it next Girl
Looking at some G shit!
(Ugh) Ima beast up in Cleveland
Region coming in effect (Yea)
Here for the weekend let it Begin One Night 6 chicks
7 bodies in the Bed (Ugh)
Lights Off with the mic on,
Bad Bitch in the Spot with a Nice Bong
Mad lit feeling Hot make ToNight Long
Plan-et Black Rock like a Fight Song
Box a nigga down Rocky, (Yeup)

HashTag Fresh, Hashtag Fresh
Straight Cash no Checks (Yup)
HashTag Fresh, HashTag Fresh
Spread Hands like Jets, (YuP)
HashTag Fresh, HashTag Fresh
Straight Cash No Checks (YuP)
HashTag Fresh, HashTag Fresh (Ugh)

Money falls, Rain shine
Winter, Summer, Spring
Bout to put on for my team
Flip that money Collard Green
Money Falls, Break that Bread
Count My Yards To Large to Spend
Strap up My Dead Presidents
Strap up My Dead Presidents We Bout Dat Money,
Ugh, YUP

(Watch that money Fall Rain Shine All Day)
Bout Dat Money
(All About the Grind All Cash No Pay)
All About Dat Money
(Blowing out The pocket Bands Fly All Day)
All About That Money YUP!
Blow, (Blow), Blow, (Blow), Blow, (Blow), Blow

Yea brights lights,
Mix Codeine with sprite, Make my Lean just right
Bad bitch FRESH,
Cold looking with Roses tatted neck
Gold Herring Bones, Round her Neck
She can get it (FRESH)
Lay dat body down, Kill the Cat
(Get it Sudden Death)
Knock it out the PARK Ima DOG wanna hear the BARK
Hitting in the DARK Ima START waiting for the MARK
ready for the SPARK Call the NARK All up in her CAR
Turnin up ALARM/ Off and ON till the early MORN
Waking up to YAWNS Crack and open JAWS looking for her BRA Help her put it ON/
START it up again till The crack of DAWN I can see Tomorrow looking good Like, (Get Fresh Ya)
Track Name: Moonsatelites ft. Tee Willis
Keep up, Another day to stay alive, ugh
Another way to make a dime I
get up every single day tryna make a way tryna pave away to make mine (Count)
Found a, Another way to make time (Count)
Work a 9-5 till I’m (ouT)
Of patience i paid my dues my dudes are ready
to make that flight from Town (Im Out)
Ex said you need to follow dreams (No doubt)
She was To Weak for the team (No Doubt)
I can’t see myself under palm trees
look Cali aint for me ima bounce (Im out)
E told me Jo you better lead
Stop chasing women out here in cleve, your never no good,
your never to good for yourself cuz yourself man is really all you need
Tired of the freaks, Tired of the cheap dates
Tired of me spending up my money Man for pete sake
Tired of me working 9 to 5s on week day
Tired of me sleeping when I’m waiting for my dream to wake, Damn
little green on my dinner plate
if you ate then you are what you put away
and ima man from a man of man with a plan
and the plan was always to move away (Peace)
Dream, a dream from the basement passing
patiently waiting for the scene
Scenes that I’m chasing chasing the green with the team
LLS yea the boys bout to eat (lets feast!)
little green on my dinner plate
if you ate then you are what you put away, say
Little green on my dinner plate
Tryna stay healthy getting ready for whats in the way (Peace)

If you can make that money count
make it fall , in your hands
then Find a way to
make it all, fucking count whats the plan? were

chasing moon satellites,(Mooonnn Satellites)
Chasing moon satellites (Moooonn Satelitess)
To get me paid (paid, paid, yea)

Another Day to stay alive
Another day to take a Stride, I
Get up every single day and I give him praise
Damn I thank God I’m alive
Another Homie Down by Police
My Yout Not Safe in da Street
Hands up for peace, Hands up for peace *Dont Shoot*
Yea so much for land of the free,
Home of the brave and the Brave are the troops
real soldiers on the line during battle we salute you
if you feel that, your a real Nigga in the street
then police will have a reason when they shoot you, Aye
Diplomacy I walk with, yea
Roll with me I walk thin, yea
Come with me baby Girl, if ya
Won be free come Talk with me yea
Aye, Get ya check up
All of my niggas say All of my Niggas Stay working
Get the bread up
All of us winners say all of us winners Stay Working
Ugh, Don’t be waisting my time,
World in a blur I see better when Blind
Hazy Oh Baby Im lazy when High yo
Its Crazy you make it when losing ya Mind
So I put in work
Moving on to bigger things
walking round the city with these Canons in our bags making Vids till we move em onto bigger screens
Little green on my dinner plate
Ate a course meal feeling better bout the situation
Back and forth pacing, patient channel inspiration
Track Name: Titles ft. Trebrehis
She said get up my fucking knee hurt
Gripping on her waist can taste the sweat up off her cheek her..
babies in the crib her baby daddy wants to beat her
I’m just chilling willing to fuck her right when I need her..
body stroked and caressed, sexing up in the sheets her,
Dresses resting her figure pressing that body meets her,..
perfection stressing the question like Why when I see her
Why you wanna Why you Why you wanna be with me your..
Guard is up I mean my guard is up but shit your seems worst
ugh, I kinda figured she was like that when i seen her,..
lying to my face like she’s ok when really she hurts..
tryna work the ground even when it shakes beneath her
Independent she independent pretend to cling ..
women in her ken don’t need us men they’re fucking queens
ignorance is bliss i kiss her head and tell her me first..
Im ignorant, when it comes to this and yet i please her,.

She say she want me she want me like fucking bad
She want to love me but fuck with no Strings attached
We gotta get Better BAe, (Aye , aye)
We gotta get Better Bae (Aye, aye)

She say she know what its like, Being Lonely at night
Can you Tell if what we do is wrong or Right?
We gotta get Better BAe, (Aye , aye)
We gotta get Better Bae (Aye, aye)

She Say
4x I Know I K now, Yea Babe

baby can you give me what i want wan know whats hitting for
money aint thing if i got it these bills are bendable
lordy can you help me take this vision off the pussy hole
This a dangerous game that I’m playing play in risiduals
Need motivation baby help me see a Queen Fiend
trust love and respect loyalties all i need
All the games women playing complaining bout self esteem Got me changing my perspective Like love aint what it seems
Fuck the money fuck the job fuck an independent label bruh
none of it aint shit to a bitch for being faithful cuh
Waisting my time on dimes that aint attainable
Waisting my time on rhymes about a Dame or Two
Buying out these Hotels for broads With a Kid gotta Drink
Gallons of Hundred proof like fuck a Kidney
Wanna fuck with me but don’t wanna know the real me
She just want a shoulder to Lean like can you feel me

Baby I can give you what you want,
Baby let me Give you what you need,
Still aint tired from spending up my Doe
chilling with it cope with getting weed

We just need some Guidance on the low
Im hoping this is really meant to be
I know I’m not the only one alone
so we can work this out just you and Me
Track Name: The Cure
Ive learned, to count your blessings then your blessed with the cure,
Burn the writings through the mental of the stressed with the word, and I’ve learned
Choices made determines wether you burn,
Thats why you rep the poison while I’m repping the cure
Many days Ive regretted my plans
Ive taken many opportunities for granted its sad like literally
in front of me s the blessing in hand
but instead I’ve turned em down and became less of a man so i ran
until the dust brush the sole off my sneaks,
I’ve been running ever since my names been soul on the beat
motivated with the crew to write a flow when it leaks
with written determined hunger call me Cole on the beat
I got the fire, no lier spitting truth through facts
I got the lighter we can hit it come and poof through grass
Ive never been a fighter hitting dudes through Scrap
A cool dude back in the day when i shoot through Raps 6 But now
Ive simmered down swim in sin with the women now
temper down with the rhythm ima gentlemen and a clown,
ima harlequin, yes Harlequin
Flossing it with 12 long bars to spit bars of bricks
and I’m awesome when the pause hits basking in the offerings like life is good with long losses
Damn, and I’m tryna keep Pait- tent with this minutes to Fame ish
but i don’t even know if i will ever see fame hit,
The game can get repetitive redundant the Same ish
but ill be damned to drop a verse and label it lame ish
Give you food for thought and you can’t knock if you Taste it
i remember as a youngen making records in basements
abused with many trials and tribulations facen
thats why I’m making sure with every record I’m lacing
is good in interviews when i make it 16
see how i determined success?
you would to if your in this much stress
Moms been getting surgery with my refund checks
when i was told that she could die me and my weak lungs met,
since the weak can’t rest, bet the strong survives
when my valleys in the darkness bet my sun will rise,
my sun still shines in my young ill eyes
ima come in when I’m finished with my fun filled life
put in work until I’m famous 8

as a youngin, looked at the stars
inspired by shine, cooking up the bars
imagining scenes when i make it to the pros
fans with my quotes
young tatoes crooks took it all
looking at the arms like hm thats dope
read it how i spit it like hm thats soul
all i do is laugh compliment that Joe,
even though he’s average he raps that flow
Track Name: Dreams ft. CharliChuck
I have, Dreams, living my life with passion
Compassionate with the Gab I am gifted lifting the world on my shoulders,
Learned to get over boulders in obstacles
Strong enough to get bodies to fossil fuel,
Bones to get colder then broken easily Kids quoting this leisurely
Speaking whatever spoken through leaders Speech, (you know who i am?)
Father Time and my time is a bother,
if Time is the father, you know Son is the minute
The hours align up as the Mother to spend it
every minute is precious, bless myself when i get it
Its hard, tryna live in the moment hopen for change
in these Scars, tryna live with it focused on broken chains
and Im hopen they never close on my ankles
Strip me from liberties on the boat and get strangled
Can never get comfortable like the bitch in a stable
grow and soak Knowledge up like a sponge if I’m able (Timeless)
Im Fable the Knight,
Shine with the armor protected by angels
Demons clashing from the walls in an angle
hanging acute from my oculus I can see as Theophilus
Lover of God stopping the sis from apocolapse
Im all for the Gershwin Diet won’t hurt to try it
fighting the curse if the worst of violence can hurt Goliath
Up in the Clouds I’m David slaying Giants, ugh
Jack and the Bean Ill be the steak up in the Den of Lions With Special seasonings, Sneezing from Breathing in Goya
Keep the heat in it for ya (yea)
bubble in the pot Keep the grease in it for ya
Sis and decease boy the castapoes leaving it for ya
Sit in ya seat boy Josiahs speaking it for ya

Dreams aren’t just from whats Imagined
Don’t believe what they say
And Once you’ve reached the strength to Grab them
Please don’t give them away
Make Love to Focus stroke your passion son
A Wise man would say, cuz if your
Dreams don’t scare there just not big enough
Yea yea

Dreams don’t work unless you do, Noo
Track Name: Places ft. CharliChuck
(First Verse*)
We Visit many places in the makings of becoming a star
were in a matrix that is basically art,
They say rap is just a trap to capture talent to control who we are
So on that first rhyme you lose from the star
Ill help you paint a better picture given images from sentences marked
Magine youngness growing up to fight who live near the park
Days of liven where theres fear in the heart
a simple taste of reality can becoming rip and tear them apart
eyes twinkle till the mind leads you
Deadly cardinal sins can lend the mind to leave you, leave the mind to free you
we visit places just to get away from crime to seek you
Hoping for eyes to seek you don’t worry through mine I see you
Where from a place where daddies leave you and the moms will beat you
keeping you from living in dirt hoping for God to reach you
Cus your a leader and your born with it,
Born seeker you can sore with it
More teachings from streets the more you form with it
More beatings and killings the more you you morn with em
Its up to you to want to for fit it
Spread them wings you know your born gifted
So pray up to the Lord with it
I want these words to be the food for your thought
Light a match and let my music be the fuel for your spark
Try giving something new for your parts
And I’ve been at it for a decade and i grew from the start
So Ill be damned to drop a God gift
Drop the passion that my moms gives
Mema told me and i promised
To rock the world and deliver whatever i give
To Rock the world and deliver whenever i spit

Places you will you Go
People that you see
Here and now the lessons learned follows the steps you lead
Take the time to grow let the past be past
Its up to you with what you do keep going make it Last
(Last, Last, Last, Last)
keep going make it Last (Last, Last, Last, Last)
keep going make it Last (Last, Last, Last, Last)
keep going make it Last (Last, Last, Last, Last)

(Second Verse*)
Visit many places where the money falls flows like water
Standing at the Dock money float around on my daughter
She don’t need a reason, just because I’m her Father
Speak dreams into reality Harder
whats offered in Gardens we never Harvest for our seeds to get stronger naw..
My babies life Span deserves to be longer
Green lights on products that we buy from the Markets off of the idea of thinking its healthy
Plans to get wealthy, deal with the bull ish
its worth it if working on fighting demons in pulpits
im cursed with the verse I’m writing my demons to prove,
that im hurting and tryna hide it if you can see through this
Temple my soul and bodies been poisoned,
some liquor, some weed its hard to
dance between the cadence of my iggas and me
try to make better choices so my daughter can see
That her daddies just as strong as any Hero can be
Little does she know i cry too
coming from an anchor standing bout 5’2”
from off the ground i walk with caution in em High Boots
Stepping over them obsticles through them trials too
Go head, Smile Boo
I want these words to be the food for your thought
Light a match and let my music be the fuel for your spark
Try giving something new for your parts
And I’ve been at it for a decade and i grew from the start
So Ill be damned to drop a God gift
Drop the passion that my moms gives
Mema told me and i promised
To rock the world and deliver whatever i give
To Rock the world and deliver whenever i spit
Track Name: The Come Up
Man i aint typing all of that sh*t.. just listen